TOEFL Speaking – Questions and answers

The speaking section lasts around 20 minutes. It has 6 tasks where you have to express an opinion on a familiar topic and speak based on reading and listening tasks.

In this post you will find sample questions and responses for each of the tasks. These samples can teach you the format of a good response. But don’t let yourself be discouraged by the quality of their language and content. You will only have 15 seconds to prepare and I’m sure these guys took hours to write those samples… So the judges don’t expect this kind of quality. But what they do expect is the level of organization they display. So when preparing your response, make sure you respect the following pattern:

  1. A Clear Topic Statement
  2. 2 reasons to hold your opinion
  3. Details and examples for each of your reasons.
  4. A concise concluding statement… (example: those are the reasons I believe… kind of thing)

With that in mind, you should be able to get a good score for this question at least. That is if your grammar and vocabulary is good… of course.

Question 1 – Personal Preferences – 9 questions and answers

Question 2 – Paired Choice – 9 questions and answers

Question 3 – Situational fit and explain – 4 questions and answers

Instructions to practice:

  1. Read the passage below (one at a time).
  2. Listen to one of the video’s passages and the question.
  3. Try to answer the question (30s to prepare your answers and 60s to speak).
  4. Listen to a sample response.

Reading passages (3 min):

Closure for the Evening Class
With the decrease of students interested in the evening class, the university decided to discontinue it. This decision was made because the number of students for the evening class has declined for the past few years and more students prefer to study with an experienced faculty member. Students who already registered for the evening class are required to change their schedule, or refunds will be applicable for those who cannot meet the schedule.

Welcome, Freshman Students!
As of September 1st, unlike last year, the university has decided to change its plan from holding freshmen orientation for all students it giving them the option of either going on a campus hiking tour or participating in games. This change has been decided by the student committee since the number of participants was relatively low in previous years. The university hopes that this change will give the students opportunities to interact with fellow freshmen and reduce the tension of coming to the new school with new surroundings.

Plan to Enlarge the Library
We plan to enlarge the library by 20 000 square feet and the space would be devoted to increased shelf space for printed materials and more desks for students. The university plans to transform the main library into a learning and information center that will fulfill promise to offer the best possible environment for academic success and high achieving students in the 21st century. The work is expected to begin in early February and it will be completed next year.

Library Renovation plan
In June 2007, a one year renovation of the main library began. When the renovation is completed, the IT center will be equipped with computers with the latest technology and space for quiet talks. Additionally, the room will be accessible for 24 hours. All floors including the lobby, halls and entrances, will come together with a light colored wooden floor and it will be brightened up with the newly painted walls.

Question 4 – Academic Lecture – 3 questions and answers
Instructions to practice:

  1. Read the passage below (one at a time). You have 3 minutes.
  2. Listen to one of the video’s passages and the question.
  3. Try to answer the question (30s to prepare your answers and 60s to speak).
  4. Listen to a sample response.

Reading Passages:

Emotional expression of personal regret is the state of remorse. This is closely related to guilt and self-directed resentment. People feel remorse when they believe their actions were wrong. Consumers remorse is the concept of regretting a purchase after buying an item. Buyers may focus on the negative aspects of the product they have just purchased and feel regret about their actions. People in Marketing are fully aware of this concept and have tried to find ways to counter that phenomenon. It is indeed their job to convince consumers to buy a certain product, but it is also true that marketers have to make sure that the consumer is happy with the product and that they wont return it out of regret.

Forgetting is a casual or gradual process in which old memories are unable to be recalles from the memory storage. How humans encode, store and recall memories is unknown, but it contributes to a phenomenon of short term memory which is categorized as either decay theory which states that passage of time always increases forgetting after something new is learned, or the interference theory, which takes effect when the recall of a certain memory interferes by recall of another memory.

Cyclic Population Change
An ecosystem is a functional system that includes an ecological community of organisms together with the physical environment, interacting as a unit. One aspect of ecosystems, cyclic population change, refers to species changing the size of their population cyclically. Populations change over time due to many different circumstances such as their size and their climate change. However, as these circumstances repeat, the populations of these species return to their original state.

Question 4 – part 2 – Academic Lecture – 3 questions and answers

Chant in Poetry
Chant is the rhythmic speaking or signing of words or sounds, often primarily on one or two pitches called reciting tones. It is one or the features that affect greatly in poetry. There are two ways that a chant is formed in poetry. A chant is formed accidentally when inspired by a certain action. The other method is by deliberate action, when a poet deliberately creates a situation to think of a poetical sentiment, and this is more widely used in making of a chant.

This is a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. They try to preserve the environment by a system of interacting and interdependent relationships. Thus, the environment is harmed intentionally or unintentionally through the living and nonliving components of the system. In this case, resilience allows the ecosystem to return to its original shape after an unpleasant situation

The Use of Media
There are many techniques that the media use to send messages to the audience. For example, some advertisement companies portray positive traits of their products so they appear to be the best. However, some advertisement companies isolate some messages from their original context to twist and usually to contradict the intended meaning. This technique is called quoting out of context and is considered false attribution in which a certain passage is removed from its surroundings to distort its intended meaning.

Question 5 – Problem Solutions – Part 1 – 4 questions and answers

Question 5 – Problem Solutions – Part 2 – 4 questions and answers

Question 6 – Academic Summary – Part 1 – 4 questions and answers

Question 6 – Problem Solutions – Part 2 – 4 questions and answers

Some more questions:

1. Who would you like to go on a trip abroad with? Describe this person and say why he/she would be a good travel companion for you.

2. What is your favorite place to visit on weekends? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite place to go.

3. What is your happiest childhood memory? Describe it and give reasons to explain why it is your happiest memory.

4. What is your most important possession? Describe it and say why it is so important.

5. Do you prefer to talk to a family member about a personal problem, or one of your friends? Give reasons and examples to support your preference.

These are the Official Speaking Rubrics that are used to give you the score.

Source: Ouliogroove at Youtube

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