TOEFL Listening – Conversations

In this video you can listen to 3 conversations of common situations at the University. Listen and then answer the questions below


Here are the questions and the choices for Conversation 1 (The monkey)

1: What class is the student interested in taking for no credit?
a) Modern Theater
b) Shakespeare
c) Theater History
d) Dance in Theater

2: Why would the professor like the student to wait and take her class next semester?
a) The professor would like her to be able to participate in class.
b) The professor has no more room in his current class.
c) The student will learn more in next semester’s class.
d) The college does not allow students to take classes for no credit.

3: What can be inferred from the conversation?
a) The student is very irresponsible.
b) The professor does not like the student
c) Major classes should be taken for credit.
d) The student should take at least twenty credits every semester.

Conversation 2

Here are the questions and the choices for Conversation 2 (The boy and the Tortoise)

1: How much was the student’s library fine?
a) Fifty dollars
b) Five dollars
c) Six dollars
d) Ten dollars

2: Why must the student hurry to the library to get his receipt?
a) The clerk has an appointment she needs to get to.
b) In-person registration ends at 4:00 PM.
c) The library hates giving out receipts.
d) Daniel needs to have the receipt by the morning.

3: Listen again to part of the conversation. Then answer the question.
What does the clerk imply when he says this? (Listen)
a) He thinks the student is lying.
b) He thinks the student usually returns books late to the library.
c) He thinks the student might be confused about the fine
d) He thinks the student is confused about the location of the library.

Conversation 3

Here are the questions and the choices for Conversation 3 (The kitten)

1: What is the first reason the student gives the professor for doing so poorly in this class?
a) She did not receive many of the assignments.
b) She is having trouble understanding the concepts
c) She has a new boyfriend and has been distracted.
d) She dislikes physics.

2: What did the professor just do recently that could help the student?
a) He cleaned out his office
b) He bought new textbooks for the students.
c) He hired a part-time tutor.
d) He cut down on the amount of homework assignments.

3: What can be inferred from the conversation?
a) If you are having trouble in a class, you should tell the professor as soon as possible.
b) Lab groups never work out.
c) The professor’s class was way too difficult.
d) The student should drop her physics class.

(scroll down to see the answers)


Conversation 1- 1)c 2)a 3)c

Conversation 2- 1)d 2)b 3)c

Conversation 3- 1)b 2)c 3)a

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2 Responses to TOEFL Listening – Conversations

  1. paco says:

    These are quite similar to the listenings and questions of the real exam. Thank you.

  2. Hima says:

    I really appreciate your hard work, thank you so much. By the way i got 9 out of 9 on those 9 questions, I’m so happy yaaaaay.

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